General introduction

Intro to Designing your Product Tech Stack

In this Micro-Certification, we’re talking about all things product for product teams.

And you’ve just landed on your one-stop shop for designing your product technology stack!

Key Themes

  • The building blocks of a great tech stack
  • Tips on how to choose and integrate the right products for your team
  • Recommendations for the best digital products

What’s in it for You?

  • Better understand the process to effectively build your product tech stack 
  • Recognize the influence your tech stack has on the kind of products you build and the talent you hire on your team
  • Reduce roadblocks and bottlenecks in the development process

Upon Completing This Module, You Will...

  • Leave this course with actionable advice on how to build a tech stack best suited to run your day-to-day product tasks, collaborate, analyze and communicate.

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