What is a product tech stack?

Product Tech Stack:

A Product Stack and a Tech Stack are two names for the same thing: the collection of tools, products, platforms, and suites that teams use to build digital products or to run a digital business. But a product stack is so much more than just the tools you use, it’s how they create your tech ecosystem and form the machine that keeps your business going.

You might also have your own personal product stack that helps you to get through your workload.

Even if you’re a two-person team building a startup, and all you have is the free version of Slack and Google Docs...congratulations, that’s your product stack!

It’s important to get your product stack right because getting it wrong causes friction and bottlenecks and generally makes life for everyone involved in product development a bit rough. Empowering your teams with the right tools to get the job done will help them to build the right product, as it involves everything from how they talk to each other and plan projects, to how they write code and launch features.

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